Coin Master Card Sets List

Coin Master Card Sets List is a complete and concise guide to all the card sets in the game.

Coin Master Card Sets List


Introduction To Coin Master Card Sets

Welcome to the world of Coin Master, a popular mobile game that combines strategy, luck, and a touch of nostalgia. As you embark on your journey as a Coin Master, one of the key aspects of the game is collecting cards. These cards come in sets, each with its own theme and rewards. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of Coin Master card sets and look at what they entail. So, let’s jump right in!

What Is Coin Master?

If you are new to Coin Master, here’s a brief introduction to get you up to speed. Coin Master is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Moon Active. In the game, players build and upgrade their villages, attack other players’ villages, and spin a slot machine to earn coins, shields, and other rewards. As you progress through the game, you unlock new villages and encounter various in-game events.

What Are Card Sets?

In Coin Master, card sets are collections of themed cards that you can acquire and complete. Each set typically consists of nine cards, and once you collect all of them, you receive a special reward—usually in the form of coins, spins, or rare cards. The cards themselves feature a wide range of characters, animals, objects, and symbols, each with its own rarity.

Completing a card set not only provides you with rewards but also grants you access to higher-level villages. These villages are not only visually distinct but also offer greater rewards and challenges. As you progress, the rarity of the cards and the difficulty of completing sets increase, adding an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to the game.

There are various ways to obtain cards in Coin Master. You can receive them as a reward for successfully attacking other players’ villages, spinning the slot machine, participating in events, or even purchasing them from the in-game store. Additionally, you can trade cards with your friends or other players via the game’s dedicated trading system.

To keep players engaged and eager to collect more cards, the game introduces new sets regularly. These new sets often feature limited-edition cards with unique abilities or increased rarity, making them highly sought after by avid collectors.

So, whether you aim to complete all the sets or simply enjoy the thrill of collecting rare cards, Coin Master’s card sets add an exciting dimension to the game, keeping players entertained and motivated to explore the vast world of Coin Master.

How To Collect Card Sets In Coin Master

How to Collect Card Sets in Coin Master

In Coin Master, collecting card sets is an essential part of the game that allows players to unlock great rewards, including massive amounts of coins and spins. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newbie, understanding the different methods of collecting card sets can greatly enhance your gameplay. In this blog post, we will delve into the three main ways to collect card sets in Coin Master – spinning the slot machine, trading with friends, and completing events and rewards. Let’s dive right in!

Spinning The Slot Machine

Spinning the slot machine is the primary way to obtain card sets in Coin Master. As you progress through the game, you will be granted free spins regularly. Each time you spin the slot machine, there is a chance of landing on a card. Although acquiring cards through this method is based on luck, there are a few strategies you can employ to increase your chances:

  • Focus on unlocking new villages: As you unlock new villages, the availability of card sets expands, giving you a higher chance of obtaining cards you may not have yet.
  • Save your coins: Spend your coins on chests during events or promotions that offer higher probabilities of getting rare cards.
  • Collect daily rewards: Make sure to collect your daily rewards as they often include free spins, increasing your opportunities to get cards.

Trading With Friends

Trades are an excellent way to complete your card sets in Coin Master. You can connect your game with your Facebook friends and trade cards with each other. Here are a few tips for successful card trading:

  • Join Facebook groups: Look for Coin Master trading groups on Facebook. These communities are filled with players who are eager to swap their duplicate cards for ones they need.
  • Create a wish list: Keep track of the cards you need by creating a wish list. Share this list with your friends, making it easier for them to identify which cards to offer during trades.
  • Be generous: Remember, trading is a two-way street. If you want to receive cards you need, don’t hesitate to offer duplicates that your friends may require.

Completing Events And Rewards

Events and rewards are fantastic opportunities to acquire specific cards in Coin Master. The game frequently offers special events that provide bonus rewards and card sets. Here’s how to make the most of these events:

  • Participate actively: Engage in events regularly to maximize your chances of receiving valuable card sets as rewards.
  • Play with a strategy: A thoughtful approach is key in these events. Utilize all your spins and focus on villages that offer higher probabilities of obtaining rare cards.
  • Collect daily bonuses and rewards: Take advantage of daily bonuses, such as free spins and coins. These rewards can often be used to boost your progress in events.

List Of Coin Master Card Sets

Looking for a comprehensive list of Coin Master card sets to boost your gameplay? You’ve come to the right place! In Coin Master, card sets are a crucial part of the game, allowing you to unlock new rewards and progress through different villages. Here, we’ve compiled a detailed list of various card sets available in the game, categorized based on their types. Dive into the world of Coin Master and discover the exciting possibilities that await you.

Village Card Sets

One of the key aspects of Coin Master is the progression through different villages. Each village has its unique theme and a set of cards you’ll need to collect to unlock it. These village card sets not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your village but also offer valuable rewards upon completion. Here’s a list of some captivating village card sets:

Card SetRewards
Ancient Egypt100 million coins
Stone Age50 million coins
Asian Warrior75 million coins
The Wild West125 million coins

Special Event Card Sets

Coin Master frequently introduces special events that bring exciting opportunities to collect rare cards and earn exclusive rewards. Participating in these events can give you a significant advantage in the game. Here are some notable special event card sets that provide unique benefits:

  • Ghost Town Bash: Earn extra spins and coins
  • Card Boom: Earn extra cards from chests
  • Joker Tournament: Trade cards with other players
  • Viking Quest: Earn bonus experience points

Gold Card Sets

Gold cards are prestigious and highly sought-after in Coin Master. They offer additional bonuses and opportunities to multiply your rewards. To complete a gold card set, you’ll need to collect all the cards within that set. Here are some popular gold card sets that can enhance your gaming experience:

  1. Fairy Tale
  2. Beasts
  3. Ocean Life
  4. Legends

Keep in mind that new card sets are frequently added to Coin Master, so stay updated and keep collecting those cards to progress faster and unlock exciting rewards!

Coin Master Card Sets List


Coin Master Card Sets List


Frequently Asked Questions Of Coin Master Card Sets List

What Is The Hardest Card To Get On Coin Master?

The rarest and most challenging card to obtain in Coin Master is the Joker card.

How To Get 700 Spins In Coin Master?

To get 700 spins in Coin Master, you can participate in daily events, complete card sets, invite friends to play, or buy spins from the in-game store.

How Do You Collect Cards In Coin Master?

To collect cards in Coin Master, you can participate in events, complete sets, and trade with friends. Events offer card rewards, sets can be completed by collecting specific cards, and trading allows you to exchange duplicates with other players.

What Is The Card Collection On Coin Master?

The card collection on Coin Master is a feature where players can collect cards depicting various characters, artifacts, and pets. These cards can be obtained through gameplay or by trading with other players. Completing card sets grants rewards and helps progress through the game.


This comprehensive Coin Master Card Sets List offers a valuable resource for players looking to complete their collections and unlock exciting rewards in the game. With an array of themed card sets to choose from, including pets, villages, and mythical creatures, players will find themselves fully engrossed in the quest for rare and coveted cards.

The list guarantees a seamless gaming experience, ensuring that players stay one step ahead in the competitive world of Coin Master.

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