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What is Coin Master

What’s Coin Master?

Coin Master combines base-building strategy with the excitement of a slot machine. The gameplay is straightforward: you spin the slot machine to perform actions. You can earn coins, attack other players’ bases, raid their stashes, or acquire shields that reduce the impact of others’ attacks. These coins are then used to construct and upgrade your base’s structures.

Although simple, Coin Master offers depth in gameplay, providing strategies to enhance your experience. The game becomes intuitive quickly, but there are ways to optimize your play, speed up your base development, and protect your coins from other players. For the latest tips, tricks, and updates on Coin Master, including spin links, be sure to check out our latest blog.

9 Best ways to get Coin Master Free Spins

9 Best ways to get Coin Master Free Spins

1.Sent Gift To Each Other

When you’ve invited all your friends, and they’ve joined the game, you and your friends can send each other gifts of free coins and spins daily! You won’t lose any personal spins this way. In total, you can send and receive 100 spins.

2.Coin Master Free Spins Links List 2024

Numerous free spins links are gathered on the official Coin Master profile pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various social media platforms. All have been tested and are safe to use before being updated here!

3.Wait Somewhat

Every hour you wait, you’ll receive 5 free spins, accumulating to a maximum of 50 spins. This implies that you should wait for ten hours if you want to optimize your spin count.

4. Invite Your Friends

Every time you invite a friend on Facebook to play Coin Master, you can receive 40 free spins. To receive credit, your friends must accept the invitation, download the game, start it, and log into Facebook, linking their accounts. If you have many friends, this can accumulate quickly.

5. Get Spin Rewards From Online Survey Websites

Online, numerous websites offer opportunities to earn cash, spins, and coins through surveys, video watching, game downloads, and simple tasks taking 10-15 minutes to complete. Here is a list of the best survey websites on the internet: Swagbucks, PointPrizes, Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, and Honey.

6. Join A Facebook Group And Get Free Links

Here’s another way to get free spins and coins: go to your Facebook and search for ‘Coin Master Free Spins.’ You’ll find many groups and pages sharing daily working links. Here’s a list of the best group links:

    1. Coin Master Free Cards & Spins Daily – Join Now
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7. Watching Ads

It’s the easiest way for everyone to get free spins and coins. Just open the Coin Master app, watch the ads for around 30 seconds or less.

8. Sign Up For Email Gifts

If you want daily free spins and coins delivered directly to your email inbox through email gifts, you have to join the email list on the Coin Master subscription page. After joining the list, Coin Master will send you a daily link for free spins and coins. It is the easiest way for beginners who have just started playing the game.

9. Generator Tool

There are many scams or fake websites on the internet, but there are a few websites that are currently working nowadays. For this method, I really don’t recommend trying to get free Coin Master spins and coins this way because most of them do not actually work. If you want to try, I do not suggest using them. Before you explore other ways to get more Coin Master free spins and coins, I would like to explain and provide a clearer understanding of the Coin Master game and how to play it.

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How to grow your village faster in Coin Master_

How to grow your village faster in Coin Master?

To speed up village growth in Coin Master, use strategic gameplay and manage resources wisely. Complete card sets to unlock and upgrade villages quickly. Participate in events and daily tasks for essential coins and spins. Optimize spins by targeting specific items during raids. Join active Coin Master communities for extra spins and tips. Upgrade your pet for better rewards in raids. Prioritize a strong defense to protect your village. Following these tactics ensures efficient and accelerated growth of your Coin Master village.

Most Used Coin Master words and their meaning​

Most Used Coin Master words and their meaning

  1. Spins: Virtual currency in Coin Master, crucial for spinning the slot machine and earning rewards.
  2. Coins: Primary in-game currency, used for building and upgrading structures within your village.
  3. Raids: Attacks on other players’ villages to plunder their resources and coins.
  4. Villages: Different levels in the game, each requiring specific items and coins for development.
  5. Cards: Collectible items to complete sets, unlocking new villages and earning rewards.
  6. Pets: Animal companions providing unique bonuses during raids and attacks.
  7. Events: Special in-game occurrences offering bonus rewards, spins, and coins.
  8. Shields: Defense mechanisms protecting your village from enemy attacks.
  9. Daily Tasks: Regular challenges providing additional rewards for completion.
  10. Attacks: Strikes on other players’ villages, reducing their coin reserves.
List of the events in the coin master game:

List of the events in the coin master game:

  • Village Master: Compete with other players to earn the most coins in a limited time.
  • Attack Madness: A special event where successful attacks yield additional rewards and bonuses.
  • Card Boom: Increased chances of receiving rare cards from chests during this event.
  • Gold Card Trade: Facilitates trading gold cards with friends to complete card sets efficiently.
  • Special Events: Time-limited occurrences offering unique challenges, spins, and coin rewards.
  • Balloon Frenzy: Pop balloons for extra spins and coins during this lively event.
  • Diamond Rush: Gather diamonds from in-game activities to win exciting prizes.
  • Raid Madness: Similar to Attack Madness but with raids, providing extra rewards for successful raids.
  • Set Blast: Increased opportunities to complete card sets and unlock new villages.
  • Bet Blast: Boosts the rewards from spinning the slot machine with higher bets during this event.
Optimizing Coin Master Gameplay: Tips for Efficient Coin Management​

Optimizing Coin Master Gameplay: Tips for Efficient Coin Management

In Coin Master, strategic coin management is crucial for success. Here are some essential tips to make the most of your in-game currency:

1.Avoid Hoarding Coins:

    • Always spend coins when possible to minimize the risk of losing a significant amount in a raid.
    • Particularly important when low on shields or before unlocking the Rhino Pet.

2.Beware of Big Raids:

    • Save your spins for raiding wealthy players to maximize coin gains.
    • Equip Foxy as your active pet for an extra chance of getting more coins during raids.

3.Strategic Bets:

    • Consider raising your bet amount to enjoy multiplied spin bonuses.
    • Reserve this strategy for raiding very rich players for maximum returns.

3.Buy Chests in All Villages:

    • Purchase as many chests as you can afford when entering a new village.
    • Lower-level cards are easier to obtain in early villages, essential for completing collections.

4. Pet Bonuses:

    • Activate your pet’s boosting effect when you have a dedicated four-hour playtime to make the most of it.
    • Utilize the Rhino Pet defensively during attacks on your base by sending it out to defend.

By following these tips, you can efficiently manage your coins, enhance your gameplay, and progress faster in Coin Master.

Coin Master The Essentials

Coin Master starts with a brief tutorial that introduces you to the fundamental mechanisms, then provides you the liberty to begin playing your desire.

It is certainly enough to begin, but here we will get into a few of these mechanisms that the tutorial does not explain.

Everything in Coin Master revolves around getting and spending Coin. There is three main way of earning Coin in Coin Master (out of spending actual money for this ):

1) Winning Coin in the Slots Machine.

2) Attacking other players’ foundations.

3) Raiding other players’ foundations.

To be able to do these activities, you have to have a Twist on the Slots Machine.

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Coin Master Slots Machine

Understanding the Coin Master Slots Machine: A Vital Element of the Game

The Slots Machine is a pivotal aspect of Coin Master, occupying a significant portion of your gameplay. To access the Slots Machine, open the in-game menu and swipe from the Village view. Here’s an overview of key elements related to the Slots Machine:

Spins Count:

    • Beneath the Slots Machine, monitor your available spins. Each spin decreases this count, and once depleted, you must wait for regeneration.

Reel Symbols:

    • The Slots Machine consists of four reels, each displaying four distinct symbols.
    • Achieve four identical symbols in a row to trigger corresponding actions.

Symbol Meanings:

    • a. Bag of Coin: Gain additional coins.
    • b. Hammer: Attack another player’s village, initiating a random raid.
    • c. Pig Bandit: Raid the current Coin Master’s village.
    • d. Shield: Protect your village, preventing coin loss from external attacks.
    • e. Energy Capsule: Earn ten free Coin Master spins instantly.

Understanding these symbols and their functions enhances your ability to navigate the Slots Machine efficiently, contributing to your overall success in Coin Master.

Bag Of Coin Symbol In Coin Master

Bag of Coin Symbol in Coin Master: Rewards and Strategies

The “Bag of Coin” symbol, as the name implies, grants you additional coins in Coin Master. Unlike other symbols, a complete row is not necessary to earn the reward. Each bag of coins obtained after a spin yields a modest reward. However, the real advantage comes when you manage to align an entire row of these symbols, resulting in a more substantial payout than a set of four individual coin bags.

To enhance your Coin Master experience and accumulate more coins, consider exploring the game’s free spins opportunities. Follow the provided Coin Master links to access additional spins and maximize your rewards. Boost your gameplay by strategically leveraging the Bag of Coin symbol for increased coin gains.

Hammers In Coin Master

Utilizing Hammers in Coin Master: Attacking Other Players' Bases

To strike another player’s base in Coin Master, aim for a complete row of Hammers. If your Facebook account is linked to Coin Master, you can choose a specific friend to attack. Alternatively, if not connected, the game will randomly select a participant for you.

Upon initiating an attack, the selected player’s village appears on your screen. You must then choose which building to target. Attacking a structure rewards you with coins and reduces the attacked building’s star level.

Enhance your Coin Master strategy by strategically deploying Hammers for effective attacks, securing rewards, and progressing in the game.

Pig Bandit In Coin Master: Initiating Raids For Rewards​

Pig Bandit in Coin Master: Initiating Raids for Rewards

The Pig Bandit symbol, featuring a cheerful pig donning a bandit mask, triggers a Raid when aligned in a row of four. Unlike Attacks, you cannot choose the target of your Raid. The game designates a Coin Master, complete with a name and image above the Slots Machine, as the raid objective.

Upon initiating a Raid, you are transported to the Coin Master’s Village. Instead of targeting buildings, you receive three Shovels to dig holes in various marked locations (indicated with large X marks). Choose three holes to dig, and some will reveal a substantial amount of coins. This loot is directly deducted from the victim’s current coin stash, making Raids an effective strategy to disrupt and accumulate wealth from other players. Master the Pig Bandit feature for strategic raids and successful coin plundering.

Utilizing Shields In Coin Master Defense Against Attacks​

Utilizing Shields in Coin Master: Defense Against Attacks

In Coin Master, you can have up to three shields, and this number may increase as you progress through levels. Shields provide protection from enemy attacks, allowing you to withstand up to three strikes. If you possess a shield and an adversary attacks one of your properties, your building remains shielded, and its star rating doesn’t decrease.

Similar rules apply when attacking a player with a shield. While you still earn 50,000 coins (albeit less than usual), the opponent’s structure remains unharmed, maintaining its star rating.

Notably, shields do not offer protection against raids. Strategically manage your shields to defend against attacks and preserve the star ratings of your structures in Coin Master.

Energy Capsules In Coin Master

Energy Capsules in Coin Master: Unlocking Free Spins

The blue-colored capsules within the slot machine are referred to as energy capsules. When you achieve a combination of three energy capsules, you receive ten free Coin Master spins. These capsules serve as a valuable resource, providing an opportunity to extend your gameplay without spending additional spins. Keep an eye out for these energy capsules during your spins, as they contribute to maximizing your overall spin count and enhancing your chances of earning rewards in Coin Master. Master the art of recognizing and capitalizing on energy capsules for an extended and more rewarding gaming experience.

Betting in Coin Master: Amplifying Rewards with Spins

Betting in Coin Master: Amplifying Rewards with Spins

If you’ve amassed a substantial number of spins, consider making bets to enhance your Coin Master experience. Increasing your bet for each spin on the Slots Machine not only consumes more spins but also elevates your chances of winning big. Bets serve to multiply the rewards garnered from slot machine spins, allowing you to maximize your gains in the game.

Strategically utilize bets when you have a surplus of spins, balancing risk and reward to potentially earn larger payouts. Experiment with different bet levels to find the optimal strategy that aligns with your gameplay style in Coin Master.

Villages As Levels In Coin Master

Villages as Levels in Coin Master: Progressing and Upgrading

In Coin Master, villages serve as the game’s levels. Each stage requires the construction of five buildings. To advance to the next village, you must upgrade all buildings in your current village to a 5-star rating.

The process of upgrading buildings incurs a coin cost, and as you advance in the game, these upgrades become progressively more expensive. Be prepared for a challenging grind as you work towards achieving the required 5-star rating for all buildings in a village.

It’s essential to note that buildings in Coin Master serve as markers of progression, lacking special effects or functions. They solely represent your advancement towards unlocking the next village in the game.

Revenge Mechanic In Coin Master

Revenge Mechanic in Coin Master: Striking Back Against Attacks

The Revenge mechanic in Coin Master empowers you to retaliate against players who have attacked your village successfully. If another player has attacked your base, you have the opportunity to hit back.

Simply give the Slots Machine a spin. When you achieve a complete row of Hammers, the game will prompt you to the Attack screen, transitioning to a random village. Focus on the top of your screen, where you’ll find the Revenge option. Selecting this option will display a list of players who recently attacked you. Choose a player from the list, and you will be taken to their village, allowing you to exact revenge by causing damage to their structures. Utilize the Revenge feature strategically to reclaim losses and maintain a strong defense in Coin Master.

Card Collection In Coin Master

Card Collection in Coin Master: Unlocking Rewards and Trading Strategies

Cards play a vital role in Coin Master, obtained by opening chests purchased with coins. Themed Card Collections, each comprising nine cards, offer substantial bonuses upon completion, including free spins, coin influx, and pets.

Three types of chests are available for purchase:

a. The More Expensive Chest:

  • Contains a greater number of cards.

b. The More Cards Chest:

  • Yields more cards.

c. The Quality of Cards Chest:

  • Influenced by your current Village Level.

Upon reaching higher Village Levels, the chance of acquiring special Gold Cards in chests increases. Gold Cards are rare versions of standard cards, offering significantly larger rewards upon collection.

The Card Trading system adds excitement to Coin Master. You can send up to five cards to friends daily, making it advantageous to join Coin Master communities and forums. Many communities have dedicated Card Trading sections where you can strike deals with fellow players, enhancing your card collection and overall gameplay.

Coin Master Purchasing And Card Quality​

Chests in Coin Master: Purchasing and Card Quality

In Coin Master, you can buy chests from the in-game store using coins. All chests have the potential to provide cards up to a 5-star quality level, but the more expensive chests offer a higher likelihood of obtaining higher-level cards.

Consider the following when choosing chests:

  • Higher-level Chests:

    • Have a lower chance of dropping low-level cards compared to lower-level chests.
    • Ideal for obtaining higher-star cards.
  • Lower-level Chests:

    • Suited for acquiring specific one, two, or three-star cards to complete a Card Collection.
    • More cost-effective for targeted card acquisition.

Chests may also yield Pet Snacks, Pet XP, or bonus spins, which are added to your inventory beneath the cards received. These additional items do not impact the probabilities of card drops, providing extra benefits as you build your collection in Coin Master.

Bonus Spins And Pet XP In Coin Master Chests

Bonus Spins and Pet XP in Coin Master Chests: Understanding Probabilities

Certain chests in Coin Master, such as Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald Chests, have fixed probabilities for bonus spins. However, for Mystery, Valentine’s, Little Lucky, Big Lucky, Small Easter, and Large Easter Chests, the bonus spin probabilities are influenced by your current Village Level.

Understanding this mechanism is crucial for optimizing your gameplay. As your Village Level increases, the potential for bonus spins and Pet XP from these chests also rises. Higher Village Levels enhance the probabilities, providing you with increased chances of obtaining valuable bonus spins and more Pet XP.

To delve deeper into maximizing your rewards, explore the intricacies of Bonus Spins and Pet XP in Coin Master, allowing you to strategize and progress efficiently in the game.

Joker Card In Coin Master

Joker Card in Coin Master: An Ultra-Rare and Versatile Game-Changer

The Joker Card stands out as an ultra-rare card in Coin Master, obtainable through participation in Coin Master events or by unlocking Mystery Chests. This unique card possesses the remarkable ability to transform into any card you desire, including coveted Gold Cards. It offers players a versatile and strategic advantage in completing their card collections.

However, it’s crucial to note that Joker Cards come with a time limit. Therefore, it is imperative to use them wisely and promptly before they expire. Harness the power of the Joker Card to accelerate your progress and enhance your card collection experience in Coin Master.

Pets In Coin Master

Pets in Coin Master: Adorable Companions with Special Bonuses

Pets in Coin Master are not just cute companions; they offer valuable bonuses to support you in Raids and Attacks, contributing to your journey to become a Coin Master. Access the Pet screen through the game’s menu or tap on the Egg under the Slots Machine to manage your pets.

Once activated, a pet provides its bonus for the next four hours. After this period, the pet falls asleep, and its effects are temporarily unavailable. You can expedite their recovery time by feeding them. Spend real money to instantly acquire food or take a spin on the Slots Machine for a chance to win Treats, which can be used to feed your pets.

Pets’ effects can be enhanced by giving them XP Potions that level them up. Similar to Treats, XP Potions have a chance of dropping with each spin on the Slots Machine. Here are some of the pets in Coin Master:

  1. Tiger:

    • Boosts the amount of coins obtained after attacking another player.
    • Coin boost increases as you level up the Tiger.
  2. Rhino:

    • Unlocked by completing the Creatures Card Collection.
    • Has a chance of blocking enemy attacks, similar to a Shield.
    • Leveling up Rhino with XP Potions increases the chances of a successful block.
  3. Foxy:

    • The first pet unlocked in Coin Master.
    • Provides an extra shovel in Raids, increasing chances to find coins or dig a chest.
    • Unlocks at Village level.

Utilize these pets strategically to enhance your gameplay and maximize rewards as you progress through Coin Master.

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Yes, You can get free working links every day from our website. you should bookmark this page to latest links updated as soon as they release.


There are many ways to get free coins and spins as we already have discussed in 6 ways to get free Spins & Coins in the Coin Master game.


We already talked about this, scroll up to read more detail in Spin & Coins Generator.

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